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Project Description

The Product Manager is both a Web Based Application and a Desktop Application making it easy for developers to Manage Software available to Download including Online Registration, The Product Key can be Packaged into the Download before it begins saving the user hassles.

Product Manager Web
The web side of this Project is a simple Application where your Software is uploaded and kept secure from hackers trying to steal a free edition or by passing the Registration Process.
The Site will be Largely Customizable and will be easily adapted to any existing Web Application.

  • User Registration
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Product Key Installation into Download Package
  • Automatic Handling of Updates including Product Expiration
  • Administration Interface

Product Manager Desktop Administrator
Simply a faster and hopefully better way to Administrate the Web Site.
May not be included in the Initial Release.

Product Manager Desktop Client
A user friendly Installer, Updater, Notifier.

I am happy to hear your ideas and feedback in the discussions area. Also if there is all ready an open source project out there that may facilitate this concept please do let me know so that I can review and possibly terminate this Project.

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